The city of Malaybalay is situated 101 kilometers south of Cagayan de Oro and 158 kilometers north of Davao City.

Malaybalay is located on the island of Mindanao

Malaybalay is located on the island of Mindanao andis dubbed the “South Summer Home of the Philippines” the city is a haven for vacationers who want to escape the summer heat in the northern regions.
The city of Malaybalay is the provincial capital of Bukidnon. Home to the stunning Mt. Kitanglad Mountain Range this massive range overlooks the area in every direction. For those into mountain trekking you will enjoy the mountainous area of Malybalay as the entire region is home to some stunning ranges, trails and high picturesque peaks.

The Mt Kitanglad Bird Watch Tower is home to rare and exotic birds. Located 8 kilometers off the National Highway, the bird watching site is home to the rare Philippines Eagle, the Philippines Hanging Parrot, giant Scops Owl and many others. While in the region be sure to find your way to Mt. Capistrano where stunning overview can be seen of the rice fields and countryside below.
Other unique places of interest include the Pitcher Plant Farm which is the largest carnivorous plant farm in the Philippines. The Quary Cave is a place of conformed interlocking passages which create a unique atmosphere throughout. For those who love caves find your way south in the Valencia region and tour the caves of Scalawaw, Kasanayan and Borantawan. Salawaw Cave has a stunning river inside of it and the Kasanayan retains a small river as well.
The Monastery of Transfiguration is a stunning architectural building, one of the most photographed structures in all of Malaybalay. Run by the Benedictine Monks it is home to the famous Monk’s Coffee Blends along with Monk’s Peanut Butter, brittle and many other products which are sold in and around Mindanao Island. The Carmalite Monastery is another stunning religious retreat with beautifully kept grounds of flowers, plants and park settings.
Places like Bukidnon Forest a 39,000 hectare man made forest, Nasuli Spring where aqua blue waters are ripe for diving; swimming and a cool day by the waters are just two more places around the regions of Malaybalay. The Roxas Memorial Park and Kaamulan Grounds are additional places within the city to relax and spend a quiet day to yourself.

Malaybalay is home to many unique and desirable places to enjoy your entire vacation away. For those who want adventure anyone can easily find their way to the Cagayan de Oro rapids where river rafting is a major thrill. For those who love the serene beauty of water can head south to Lake Apo in the southern outskirts of Valencia City. There is so much to see and do in Malaybalay City that your vacation will be a well-deserved time to take in the sites and enjoy the splendor of a mountainous region.